Saturday, April 27, 2013

Uranus: We're Creative and 100% Independent

Hi. My name is Blue. I'm a musician from the planet Uranus and I've come to Earth to spread the good news of freedom and creativity. In the infamous words of Public Enemy, don't believe the hype. There is way much more going on in the Galaxy than what Earthly media would have you believe.

Uranus Is Blue started as a radio show on the POTRadio Network in Portland, OR, streamed through Local Live Media LLC out of Houston, TX with the goal to highlight the magnificent works of independent artists throughout the Galaxy. We define "artist" as someone who uses their gifts and talents to push society forward in innovative ways, embodying what Uranus stands for: freedom to create for everyone. Uranus Is Blue has moved to YouTube and our team of intergalactic heroes works diligently to spread the good news of creation throughout the Universe. Uranus is a place where all creatures of the Galaxy can go to find the stories and artworks by indie artists everywhere. It's also a place where indie artists share their work, interact, meet each other, and get the support they need to create without boundaries and stupid rules.

On Uranus,
1. We believe that everyone has a right to tell their story the way they see fit. Fuck censorship.

2. We champion acceptance of all. Don't hate. Conversate!

3. We believe in entrepreneurship. Ain't nothin' sexy about starvin'.

4. We believe in education. What we don't know in the art industry can destroy our careers.

5. We believe in pushing limits.

6. We believe in staying true to our art. We don't compromise ourselves for anybody.

7. We are independent. This means that we own and/or administer our own copyrights on our own terms.

8. We believe everyone has the right to create.

Thanks for visiting Uranus. I hope you enjoy yourself. And remember to carry your umbrella. On Uranus, it literally rains diamonds.


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