Tuesday, May 28, 2013


ARTISTS: In this cash money game of pimps and hos, no one can screw you if your pimp game is tight. The dreaded "industry" only exists because some artists are so thirsty for fame and fortune that they get caught up. When someone shows them enough zeroes, they sell their souls for peanuts.

Thirsty people exist in EVERY industry. The difference is that artists don't have to know anything about business or law to be artists, whereas most other industry professionals have to go through all kinds of training in order to practice their craft. The training essentially gives them a leg up in commerce that artists don't always get. Artists only have to be honest and in tune with their spirit. 

Artistry and creativity are spiritual things. When spiritual things enter the marketplace, energies get confused. Business and law folks work in the marketplace and artists work in the spirit. As a result, business and law folks have a hard time communicating with artists. This inability to communicate across disciplines can result in frustration: people in the marketplace are highly aware of the value of art and in order to capitalize on that value, market folks often turn to exploitation, coercion, or outright lying to artists to get them to work towards market interests.

I am on a journey out of Babylon, or the "system", also known as the "machine" that functions and thrives on the principles of the marketplace. In fact, this is the theme for my most recent project. Part of my journeying out of Babylon is learning how to PIMP THE SYSTEM.  The system is the mainframe in which all exchange occurs. The system has no loyalties and functions by the same rules, no matter who we are or what our agenda. We pimp the system by making the system our ho. It sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, as comedian Katt Williams once said, "It's pimpin', pimpin!" Now, I'm not talking about forcing the CEO of Warner Music Group to give blow jobs to Johns on street corners in Los Angeles. I'm talking about making the kinds of decisions a pimp would make when interacting with the system's marketplace- using it the way it wants to be used to your advantage, while keeping your soul in tact and to yourself!!! We set ourselves up, we have an exit strategy. We get in. We get out.

The worst thing you can do as an artist or lover of art is try to save the system. It don't wanna be saved. Just like hos. It wants to be used. Using it creates a symbiotic relationship, much like the relationship between a pimp and their most loyal ho, aka "bottom bitch." And don't ever think that hos don't have agendas. Of course hos have agendas. They just don't have your agenda. Don't worry about what hos are thinking about. As long as they're doing what you told them to do, all's well that ends well. So use them and get money so you can pay your rent and get back to handlin' yo bidness. If all this pimp-ho language makes you cringe, then think of it as "responsible utilization of art communication vehicles." Whatever works for you.


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After 2017, I'm out of this bitch. However, you can always refer to this blog for information that is available to and for everyone. :)


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