Thursday, August 29, 2013

Q & A with Rachael F. of NighTraiN

The fast footed, sweet singin', costume rockin' Rachael Ferguson is 1/4th of the fun, witty, trigger happy, captivating locomotive-punk, femme-quadplex NighTraiN. I met the band at a swanky music video premier for their single Huntress: a scary song about scary things, (written by bass player Selena Whitaker-Paquiet). After witnessing their baddasss performance, I cornered Rachael to get a copy of De-Railed, NighTraiN's 2011 release that features the bouncy inter-gendered single Jean Penis (written by Rachael F.) that tickles me endlessly. A few months later, I met NighTraiN for an interview in Seattle, and cornered Rachael once again for this Q&A. From our first encounter I've been increasingly delighted by Rachael's openness, approachability, and sparse likelihood of being captured in focus. In addition to becoming a bit of a groupie (I use the term "bit" loosely and with discretion), I think of NighTraiN as my mentors. Their music career is based on having fun, giving to fans, loving each other, and then, having more fun. I like that strategy. Animals, vegetables, and minerals of the Universe, meet Rachael F. of NighTraiN!

Blue: Where are you from and what hood do you represent?

Rachael F.: I'm from the other city of roses, Pasadena California. I now represent the Emerald City since I've been here since 2000.

B:  Describe your journey to Seattle from LA.

RF: I came from LA to Seattle for college straight out of high school. I just needed to leave. Had to live with my Aunt who's a Pentecostal minister- sort of a boner killer when someone breaks out in tongues before your first college party.

B: You spent some time in the Australian outback with peyote and no supervision. How did you get there and why did you come back?

RF: Look I was broke - okay, so I decided to do some frugal traveling and search for myself. Joined one of those courier service things- blah blah blah, next thing I new I was in a Wyle E Coyote cartoon. It might not have been the Australian Outback - it was probs Fresno.

Watch the music video for Huntress:


B: "AAAAAAH!" yelled NighTrain's bass player Selena when you shot her in the foot. Selena thought it was an accident, but upon further investigation, we learned that it was a fight. What really happened that fateful day?

RF: Sometimes I get a little trigger happy, especially when Selena is next to me. It was just a graze anyway - she can still walk, damn it.

B: How would you describe "Locomotive Punk?"

RF: My personal definition is four Black women turned up to 11. And we could give so many fux on what people want to peg us in. We are a hot hot engine.

B: If you could smoke a spliff with any historical figure from the past, present, or future, who would it be and why?

RF: Oh boy, either Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) or Paul Mooney. I have so much to learn from them. I'm still learning from them. Paul Mooney's still alive - I should runaway and be his assistant or something- maybe doorag girl.

B: If you could go back in time, what would you tell 10 year old Rachael?

RF: Don't major in Theater, major in Performance Art instead. And don't waste money on general credits at an expensive art school. And stop crying about you not getting that role in Life with Mikey. That movie bombed anyway.

B: Describe that one thing that makes time fly for you?

RF: Having fun with all of my friends and relaxing at home with ANTM or some type of trashy reality show - the trashier the better.

B: What piece of advice do you have for a young woman in the music game?

RF: Keep it up. Don't lose momentum. And if it stops making you happy then do something that will make you happy.

B: Where can the people find you and the other fabulous women of NighTraiN Seattle?

RF: You can find us at The Comet Tavern this Friday with Beach Dick, Half Breed and Needles and Pizza. You can also find us at your house party for a very special price. *hehehe*


Watch UIB's interview with NighTraiN Seattle:

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