Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Night in NYC...

Photo by Jackson Hidalgo

Pop culture personality, reality talk show host, and indie singer/songwriter Kia Sleet, creator of Call It Something TV and The Kia Sleet Music Blog, was caught off guard last Friday night when her single "You Don't Know" started playing on a bartender's cell phone. Apparently, the bartender, a closeted fan of Kia Sleet, had just served the young starlet a cosmopolitan with extra politan saying, "Giiiiirl! When I get off, we should go light this muthafucka UP!" Sleet, not quire sure what the bartender was talking about, nervously responded "yup..."

Being somewhat embarrassed by her misplaced excitement, the bartender went back to tending to her regular clientele when suddenly her phone rang and You Don't Know started playing loudly. Kia Sleet grabbed her hair and commenced to singing with the bartender's ring tone. Luckily, a friend (pictured right) was there to catch Sleet's cosmopolitan and pass it to another friend at the bar just before it hit the floor! Photographer Jackson Hidalgo captured a snap shot of the moment.

When later asked, "Why did you throw your drink and start singing to the bartender's ring tone?", Sleet responded, "That's my SONG!"*

*This story is completely true except for the parts that aren't. Special thanks to Kia Sleet for being such a great sport.

Watch the lyric video for You Don't Know by Kia Sleet:

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