Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Q&A with Kia Sleet

I met Kia Sleet in cyberlandia. She was music and culture blogging and I was reading and stalking. She did a Q&A on me and I was like "Aww man. That's nice." I discovered we both came from St. Louis and even had a gang of mutual friends, including the fun-loving Helen Marie of GoHelenMarie and UIB's own Magician, Fathom 9 (name dropping is FUN!). Then, I learned that she could sing and looked great in a pair of tights. At that moment, I knew this woman would be a superstar. Ladies and gentlefolk of the universe: Indie pop artist and guerrilla producer gone commando, Kia Sleet.

BLUE: What's your home town and what hood do you claim?

Kia Sleet: I'm from St. Louis. I claim all the hoods there.

B: How did you get into music?

KS: As a kid I wanted to be a member of TLC. I still want to be a member of TLC.

B: What are your greatest creative accomplishments to date?

KS: Having my song on the radio and being blogged about are both great accomplishments.

B: How would you describe your artistic vision?

KS: Fcuk society!

B: Why did you move to New York and how has your move affected your career?

KS: I moved here because I wanted to be on Sesame Street. New York City opened my eyes to the real world and that alone has changed my music, I feel, for the better.

B: You recently started the reality movement "Call It Something TV". Who are the key players and how did this come to be?

KS: It started out as just a show. I wanted to do an online sketch comedy show like SNL and called it "Call It Something TV" because I couldn't think of a name. Then I met Jason Chipman and "Call It Something TV" became a network with multiple shows. Right now we're showing episodes of the show Late Nite Crew every Thursday on (yes this is a plug).

B: If you could smoke a blunt with any historical figure living or dead, who would it be and why?

KS: John Lennon because that would be awesome.

B: Rumor has it that a semi-famous pop artist once stole a song you wrote and re-recorded it under a new title. Can you describe the ass whoopin' you delivered once this news hit the streets?

KS: A semi-famous pop artist stole one of my songs? Sweet!

B: What's next for Kia Sleet?

KS: Re-re-re-launching a blog and debuting another reality series both in October.

B: Any words for the fans?

KS: I love you mom!

B: How can we reach you?

KS: Myspace is the new Facebook

Thanks for visiting Uranus!!

Watch the Season Premiere of Late Nite Crew from Callitsomething TV

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